Can’t lose weight? Skip the gym.

Are you one of the many people who joined the gym because you wanted to lose a few kilos? You go to 4-5 high intensity classes every week but still that abdominal weight just won’t budge! So, you start doing double classes back to back or exercising twice a day – thinking that all you need to do is burn more calories than your consuming…right? Wrong? For many people weight loss, just isn’t that simple. While some people thrive on intense exercise – it boosts their metabolism, mood and energy – for others it can do just the opposite. It all comes down to stress. It’s crazy to see so many stressed-out people cut short their sleep, so that they can get up early to go to boot camp or an RPM class before an intense 12-hour work day. They just keep pushing on when their body is screaming out for them to SLOW DOWN and REST!!. Stress (work, financial, relationship, family) puts your nervous system into constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. Your body thinks that it’s about to face imminent danger! It shuts down digestion, because that isn’t considered to be essential to escaping danger (feeling bloated or constipated anyone?), and releases glucose and cortisol. Which leads to hormone imbalance, insulin resistance and weight gain, particularly around the midsection. You see your body doesn’t know the difference between work stress or workout stress. I advise people with stressful jobs to cut back on their extreme exercise regime and to enjoy gentle exercise such as yoga, brisk walking or Pilates after work. For these people swapping a few intense workouts for restorative ones is the solution to getting the results that they have been striving for. I’ve always said that there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss. In addition to stress, there are so many factors that can make it difficult to lose weight such as diet, blood sugar control, thyroid function and gut health so if you’re struggling to lose weight despite exercising regularly it may be time to seek some expert advice on what will work for you.