Naturopathic Consultations

Initial consultation and comprehensive health assessment:

The initial appointment is an exciting experience.  We discuss your health history, concerns and goals in detail and may conduct a variety of health assessments. The health assessment may include blood pressure readings, zinc status assessment, anthropometric measurements, body composition analysis, iridology, tongue and nail analysis and urine analysis. Laboratory testing may also be discussed and ordered. You will leave your appointment with some simple strategies that you can start to implement while you wait for your more detailed individualised Treatment Plan (you will receive this at your Follow up appointment).

Please allow 1.5hrs for your first consultation.

Follow up consultation:

Today I will provide you with information on the first stage of your treatment plan. Your Treatment Plan is designed to address your individual health concerns and assist you to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Please allow 1 hour for your follow up consultation

Standard review:

Reviews allow us to monitor the strengths and challenges associated with your treatment plan and adjusting where required. Regular reviews are the best way to keep motivated and to get the most out of your wellness program.

Please allow 45 minutes for a standard consultation

Long review:

For those with more complex health concerns, a longer review may be required.

Please allow 1 hour for a long review consultation



Initial consultation                $200

1 hr consultation                   $100

45-minute consultation         $85

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