It’s easy to assume that we are exhausted from everything that we pack into a day.

We put it down to the daily grind of everyday living – work, kids, business, relationships, money, that never-ending to-do list (that is never completed by the way!).

Then, if you do go for testing you’re often told that everything is normal… but being this tired          E V E R Y  D A Y  is not normal.

The thing is that when you are healthy and vital you actually have the energy to do all this and more. Life energises you, not depletes you.

There is an enormous array of factors that can trigger fatigue including high levels of ongoing stress, poor sleep, pregnancy, infections, poor circulation, an underactive thyroid, hormone dysregulation, medications, metabolic issues, inflammatory diseases, nutrient deficiencies, as well as poor diet and lifestyle choices.

These factors can also promote anxiety, depression, chronic pain, worry, low sex drive, stress and weight gain… and when this happens it can feel like there is no way out.

Each year, around 1.5 million Australians see their doctor about fatigue.

If you’re one of the many people who push through the day with little enthusiasm, joy or motivation. If you’re just going through the paces in an effort to get things done, always hoping that tomorrow you will wake up feeling better.

Then, believe me, I know the feeling! I’ve experienced burn out. I never thought that I would feel vibrant again, but I turned my life around by addressing the underlying drivers of my fatigue and taking steps to create a more balanced life. Now I feel better than ever.

And I want you to feel better too.

If you want to feel like your most vital self again, contact the Adelaide naturopath clinic today to find out how you can get your mojo back for good.

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