Genetic testing is at the forefront of personalised health care.

By identifying specific gene variations, we can determine how your genes may influence your health.  The opportunities that genetic testing can offer you is tailored therapy and an understanding of your genetic strengths and vulnerabilities.

Your genes provide instructions to proteins including enzymes, transporters and receptors which regulate your health. Genes are made up of DNA. The correct order of the bases (code) that make up your DNA is as important as spelling a word correctly. Therefore, variations in DNA can affect the way that genes function. For example, gene variations can alter the way in which nutrients are processed by the body and similarly diet and lifestyle choices can also affect the way that genes function.

Genetic testing provides an opportunity to understand an individual’s needs in regards to nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle choices to promote optimal health. Your genetic information can also help to guide and prioritise what other testing may be required.

Most of the population will have genetic variations…including you!


The wellbeing bundle is a comprehensive profile that includes genetic factors influencing neurotransmitter production and metabolism, methylation, phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification, reproductive health and endocrine health. Therefore, this report can be helpful for fertility, hormone health, mood and detoxification concerns.

Patients, symptoms and conditions best suited to this profile


– Anaemia

– Anxiety

– Attention deficit

– Autoimmune disease

– Chronic disease states

– Chronic fatigue

– Digestive complaints

– Family history of heart disease

– Fatigue

– Folate and B12 deficiency

– Food intolerances

– General fatigue

– Headaches

– High homocysteine

– History of miscarriage

– Hormonal imbalances


– Immune dysfunction

– Inflammatory disorders

– Insomnia

– Irritability

– Leaky gut syndrome

– Longstanding digestive issues

– Low energy

– Menopausal symptoms

– Migraine

– Mood swings

– Multiple chemical sensitivities

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