Health Reset Detoxification Program (4 weeks)

While I know the value of this program is way over $600, I’m offering it to you today for $259. Our modern-day lifestyle and diet are more stressful of our bodies than we often realise, so EVERYONE can benefit from a Health Reset.  This program optimises liver, digestive, kidney, lymphatic and cellular pathways and restores gut health. When these symptoms are working properly you look and feel great! 

This detoxification program is suited to anyone wanting to improve their health and increase vitality – just check out the long list of potential health benefits! It is also suitable for those who want to get their energy back following a period of overindulgence; such as a holiday, birthday or New Year celebrations.

Increased energy and vitality
Reduced digestive symptoms including bloating, IBS, nausea and gas
Reduce inflammation
Reduce allergy symptoms including rashes, sinus congestion and food intolerances
Support hormone balance
Support healthy weight loss
Reduce toxin burden
Support detox pathways
Promote healthy gut flora balance
Soothe and repair the lining of the digestive tract
Simple and easy to follow step-by-step practitioner-supported program
Regular program reviews with your naturopath
TGA approved practitioner-only supplements that get results

Body Composition Analysis
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
Food Intolerance Testing

Price excludes supplements and functional pathology testing (if required).
Payment must be paid in full at time of booking. Sorry, no refunds.

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