Functional Medicine Laboratory Testing and General Pathology

Often functional medicine laboratory testing and general pathology are conducted to obtain a deeper understanding of the patient’s health status. Inner Vitality Naturopathy refers to testing from world-leading functional medicine and pathology laboratories in Australia and around the world. Following is a list of just some of the testing available to you:

  • Thyroid function test
  • Liver function test
  • Adrenal function tests
  • Female and male hormone profiles
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Omega-3 Index Test
  • The Mauve Factor (Kryptopyrrole)
  • Genetic testing
  • Individual nutrient testing including vitamin D, B12, zinc, folate and iron
  • Organic Acids Test (OAT)
  • SIBO
  • Neurotransmitters
  • IgA, IgE and IgG immunology
  • DUTCH (dried urine hormones)
  • Homocysteine
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Fasting glucose and insulin
  • Coeliac serology and genotyping
  • Methylation
  • Mould and biotoxins
  • Lipid profiles
  • Viral and autoimmune assessments

This is not an exhaustive list so please inquire if you require a test not mentioned here.

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