If you suffer from insomnia or sleep issues, you’ll know how debilitating it can be.

Poor sleep over and over again can make you feel like you’re going to mentally and physically breakdown. You may even question how you will get through each day. Poor sleep can involve frequent disruption, shift work, sleep deprivation, difficulty falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep.

Insomnia impacts every aspect of our lives:

  • our mood
  • weight
  • digestion
  • cognitive function
  • ageing
  • accident risk
  • pain tolerance
  • disease risk
  • energy levels and
  • stress tolerance

The amount of sleep that we need may surprise you. A study involving middle-aged adults found that even relatively moderate sleep restriction (6 hours or less) seriously impaired waking neurobehavioral functions such as attention, cognitive function and memory. The study found that the subjects were largely unaware of these increasing cognitive deficits suggesting that many people underestimate the effect that poor sleep has on their lives.

In our younger cohorts, studies show a high prevalence of students staying up late and getting suboptimal sleep quantity and quality. The results of the studies clearly show that suboptimal sleep affects their ability to learn and adversely affects school performance.

Even if you wouldn’t list insomnia or sleep disturbance as one of your health issues, learning how to promote deep, restorative sleep can be a significant part of looking after your health in the short and long term. Thankfully, there are strategies for helping you to sleep soundly again.

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