Weight Loss at Inner Vitality Naturopathy Adelaide

There is no shortage of weight loss programs out there, so why are so many people struggling with their weight?

Low-calorie weight loss programs may produce short-term weight loss, but research shows that is most cases the weight is put back on a year later. Why?

Most diets are not sustainable. Eliminating entire food groups, counting calories, measuring macronutrients or fasting… who wants to do that for the rest of their life?

Furthermore, there is no one size fits all approach to weight loss and there are no ‘magic pills’. The reasons for weight gain are often complex, however, I have been trained in identifying any pathological conditions that may be impeding your weight loss goals and I can assist you to overcome them.

The best approach to long-term weight management is to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle program that you can make a lifelong commitment to – that’s how we approach weight loss at Inner Vitality.

We have clear criteria for our weight loss program:

  • It’s adaptable to the individual needs and requirements of the patient
  • It’s easy to follow
  • It has the ability to produce short-term and long-term weight loss
  • It’s nutritionally complete
  • It’s safe
  • And it has the potential to prevent or manage disease 

For many people, the secret to long-term weight loss is motivation and accountability. I offer non-judgmental, support, motivation and expert advice. I’m here by your side every step of the way.

Before starting your weight loss program, it is recommended that you take a body composition analysis. This provides a baseline from which we can track the changes to your body composition as you continue towards your weight loss goal. It’s a great motivational tool.

By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgement
– Dr. Steve Maraboli


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